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What to Wear

What you choose to wear is a key part of a successful shoot. It is important that you should always feel comfortable and happy with the outfits you choose so that you enjoy the pictures every time you look at them. Here are some general guidelines to help you make picture perfect fashion decisions:

• You don’t want to be overly ‘matchy-matchy’, but rather, choose a theme of 3-4 coordinating colours that you can mix and match with all members of the shoot.

• Try to keep patterns to a minimum. Solid colours that stand out against the background work best. • Be yourself – you want to enjoy the pictures every time you look at them, so choose outfits that suit you and your family and stay true to the sort of clothes and makeup that you would usually wear.

• Keep location in mind – wear shoes that will work with the location so that you don’t feel limited during the shoot. • Wearing layers, hats, jewelry or scarves add interest and personality to the pictures so don’t be afraid to add the accessories!

• Be organized and plan your outfits before the shoot so that you can ensure that everything looks good together.

• If you have any props that you think would add to the shoot, bring them along! Be it a teddy bear, a toy, a hair band or hat, an umbrella or fairy wings, we’ll be sure to incorporate it into some of the shots.

Getting Your Family Ready

Preparing your children for the session is important, as they need to feel comfortable with me, the photographer, and understand what is required of them at a photo shoot.

The aim is to capture your child’s personality, so I will need your help on the day to encourage your children to be themselves and help to make them smile and laugh! Here are some tips for a successful shoot:

• Always plan photo shoots around children’s naps and feeding times.

• Be on time or come early. I like to get to know everyone before I start the photo shoot and connect with the children so that they feel comfortable with me.

• I need your help for the shoot to run smoothly! You are going to be the wardrobe fixer, nose wiper, face-puller, and noise maker. I want to capture your child when they are smiling naturally. This may require me (or you!) to jump around, pull faces or make some funny noises. This works much better than over directing your child to sit still, look here, do this or that.

• Last but not least, be prepared to have lots of fun! My aim is to create an enjoyable and exciting atmosphere so that you will always be able to look back on the shoot and enjoy the time we had.

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